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Nirvaana Yoga Center is Located in the heart of Gachibowli which is a major IT Suburb of Hyderabad, Telangana, and very close IIT Hyderabad, Kondapur, Hitech City, Kothaguda and Miyapur of calm and peace in the midst of buzzing Hyderabad. The groups at Nirvaana Yoga Gachibowli are small, which allows for time and attention to be given to each student. The Yoga classes welcome everyone, regardless of experience, offering options for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Nirvaana Yoga which is located Indira Nagar Gachibowli which is a Place for Yoga Classes Ladies Gents and Kids as per their Location. We want to create a space where people can learn and grow as well as discover their personal journey whose destination is wellness and balance. We offer a variety of workshops and yoga classes and all people are welcome to join in and have fun. We have painstakingly chosen a range of holistic therapies that help restore body and mind. Our main hope is to create a sense of community and give something to the community.

Nirvaana Yoga Studio (An Yoga Alliance International YAI Affiliated School – ISO 9001:2005 Studio) – Affiliated To VYASA-Benguluru IAYT Accredited School offer Yoga Classes Madhapur Hitech City Hyderabad and We offer Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga As Therapy, Yoga As Fitness, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Mudra Therapy, Acupressure, Kundalini Awakening, Chakra Meditation, Steam Room and Massage Therapy and Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course In Hyderabad.

Nirvaana Yoga also offer Yoga for ✓Prenatal Yoga Routines ✓Post Natal Yoga  ✓Pranayama ✓Yoga As Therapy ✓Yoga As Fitness for Ladies ✓Kundalini Awakening ✓Chakra Meditation ✓Steam Room ✓Massage Therapy ✓Meditation Classes for Ladies at our Yoga Centers which is or Your Location to Madhapur, Gachibowli, Miyapur and Kukatpally – KPHB 9th Phase covering areas Kondapur  Kothaguda, Hitech City – Phase 2, Hafeezpet, Siddiq Nagar, Cyber Village, Adity Nagar,  Krishna Nagar Colony and so on.

Nirvaana Yoga

Dr Yogi vinay

Yoga Master In Gachibowli Hyderabad

Yoga: What it means

Yoga is a philosophy of life that seeks the balance of body and mind , the expansion of consciousness and the union of the individual to his true nature and the nature of the universe. Originally from India, yoga is can be understood as a set of practices and knowledge developed more than 5,000 years ago and, although it admits innumerable strands and derivations, the essence is preserved around a common goal: to harmonize the body and the mind . For this, yoga makes use of three pillars: breathing techniques (pranayamas), yoga postures (asanas) and meditation .

What is Yoga?

With a broad and at the same time profound proposal, it is not surprising that so many doubts pervade the meaning and very essence of yoga practices. There are those who say that yoga has always been present in our lives , and that has been manifested for many generations in the most trivial gestures of our daily lives.

Yoga Classes

It is common for anyone who has no contact with the concept to associate yoga with series of physical stretching that result in young, super-flexible athletes. Often, when we invite acquaintances, friends, and family members to an experimental class , we hear something like "I'm not flexible," "I'm too old for it," or "I do not have the patience to meditate." We usually end this myth with the promise that we will not start class upside down. It is a gradual practice and sometimes a slow progression.

Yoga For Everyone

Yoga is, ultimately, one of the best and most complete exercises for mind, body and soul. All of these elements are important to your personal practice and are beneficial in all areas of your life. You can start with the practice of the asanas and call it yoga, but ideally you bring the concepts learned to a day-to-day reflection because the practice of yoga is designed to found a new way of life and not just a new gym class from the gym.

If you are new to yoga practice , be patient with yourself, take your first steps as a baby who learns to walk, do everything with care and respect your own limits. The idea, after all, is for you to feel good about each new aspect you incorporate into your practice, so do not overrule the order of things, but be firm and disciplined in practice.

What does Meditation do?

Are you in search of peace of mind, peace in the soul, joy, excellent health, energy, good relations with others and a full, full life? Would you like to live without stress and anxiety?

You can enjoy all these joys and find much more through meditation. Meditation offers countless benefits for your body, mind and spirit. The rest that you receive during meditation is much deeper than rest during the deepest sleep. The deeper you relax, the more dynamic your activity becomes.

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✓ Yogasanas
✓ Pranayama
✓ Meditation
✓ Yoga As Therapy
✓ Yoga As Fitness
✓ Prenatal Yoga
✓ Postnatal Yoga
✓ Chair Yoga
✓ Kids Yoga
✓ Corporate Yoga
✓ Mudra Therapy
✓ Acupressure
✓ Kundalini Awakening
✓ Chakra Meditation
✓ Steam Room
✓ Massage Therapy
✓ Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course

Psychological Services In Gachibowli Hyderabad

What are the psychological problems / mental illnesses?

Psychological problems consists of abnormalities in the mood, thoughts, behavior. The above 3 are the main components of our mental health status. Any issue in one of the components can lead to various types of psychological illness, for example having dull mood persistently may be a symptomof depression. Common disorders are depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, etc. most of them are treatable especially when treated in early stages of illness.

Common symptoms of psychological illnesses are mood changes, memory reduction, unable to cope with daily responsibilities, suicidal ideas, being addicted, increased anger, sleep problems, multiple body pains, eating/appetite problems.

When to seek help/ a doctor?

When the above symptoms are persistently present and do not improve/worsen with time affecting your personal, social, work life approach a psychiatrist or psychologist at the earliest. Postponing to get help makes the problem difficult to treat.

Why approach us for help?

Mental illnesses are a taboo in society or are discarded as rubbish/weakness of mind. There is also the fear of being labelled as “mental patient” if a person visits a psychiatric clinic/doctor. That fear makes the client and family members suffer silently.

Here at Nirvaana yoga, a client can get help without any fear and we provide many treatment options like medication, therapy, counselling, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, etc on one platform.

Treatment available for:

  • - Depression / mood changes
  • - Anxiety disorders
  • - Pregnancy and post natal depression
  • - Hallucinations, delusions
  • - Addictions
  • - memory problems
  • - unexplained Body pains
  • - marital and sexual problems
  • - kids psychological issues/ academic performance problems
  • - old age behavioral issues
  • - Stress management
  • - Anger issues







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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is a philosophy of life born in India more than two thousand years ago. Since then many things have changed, new styles have been created and new teachings have been handed down, but the purpose of yoga, its ultimate goal, has never changed, that is: to guide us in the search for balance between body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is most probably one of the most extraordinary spiritual sciences that humankind has ever known, a distillation of wisdom coming from a myriad of essays that existed during the ages, whose legacy is in continuous growth, moved by the strong spiritual desire of humanity that is adapted to the particular needs of each age and every person.

Of Course Yes!

Yoga is available to anyone who feels the need to do something for their health, to change their habits, to take care of themselves, and to learn to live and see life as a place of joy and adventure. So yes, yoga is for everyone ... as long as you choose the right yoga. Since a lesson can be more or less physical, more or less meditative, or aimed at a specific goal, the choice of the type of yoga that you want to practice is of fundamental importance to better appreciate the benefits, and to ensure that the practice is effective and suited to the psychophysical needs of that particular moment.The reality is that you can do yoga even if you suffer from diseases, or physical limitations ... simply decide to follow a lesson that includes positions and techniques adapted to the conditions in which you are at that particular moment.

I could try to explain it to you ... but I think the best way is to try it, because you can practice yoga anywhere, anytime. Even now. Would you like to try? Well, then put yourself in a comfortable position, with the spine straight. You can stand up, sit on the floor with your legs crossed, on a chair or even lying down.

✓Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, inhaling from your nose and exhaling from your mouth.

✓Relax the neck, shoulders and muscles of the face.

✓Now breathe only through the nose.

✓Focus on listening to the breath.

1. Yoga improves every aspect of your life.

2. Get you fit.

3. It allows you to find a mental balance to better deal with problems.

4. Yoga is a journey within oneself. 5. Yoga makes you free.

Yoga helps To Treat Various Diseases

Abdominal Disorders Epilepsy Obesity
Acne Fibroids Over Weight
Allergies Flat feet Ovarian Cyst
Anemia Frozen Shoulder Piles
Anger Management Gonorrhea Post Natal Depresison
Anxiety Gout Post Traumatic Stress
Arthtitis Hair Loss Premature Ejaculation
Asthma Heart Ailments Pre-menstrual Syndrome
Back Pain Hepatitis - A,B&C Pre Natal Yoga
Bed-Wetting Hernia Post Natal Yoga
BP-High-Low Hiccup Prostate Disease
Bronchitis Hypertension Psoriasis
Cartilage Damage Hyperthyroidism RSI-Repetitive Strain Inquiry
Cervical Spondylosis Impotence Sciatica
Cholestrol Indigestion Sinus
Chronic Fatigue Syndore Infertility Skin Problems
Cold Common Insomnia Slipped Disc
Constipation Leg Cramps Snoring
Dandruff Leukemai Stress
Depression Menopause Tennis Elbow
Diabetes 1 & 2 Menstrual Disorders Underweight
Double Vision Migrane Varicose Veins
Eating Disorders Mouth Ulcers Hypo Thyroidism
Eczema Nasal Congestion PCOD

Nirvaana Yoga

Yoga Classes In Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

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