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Improves flexibility with Yoga … starting from the breath.

Improves flexibility with Yoga … starting from the breath.

Yoga Classes Near Gachibowli Hyderabad. We’ve all had a flexible body, in most cases. In fact, as a child, we managed to kick our feet in the mouth, or behind our heads, without batting an eyelid.

Then, as we age, and getting our body used to postures that are not always correct (and maybe a sedentary lifestyle), we have lost this elasticity, with the result that even simple movements, such as bending over to pick up an object, picking up a baby or even just lace up our shoes have become more complex.

Not to mention the mental rigidity that we acquire as we age, and that makes it difficult for us to adapt to change, or to look at things from another perspective.

Yoga has always been considered a discipline able to bring balance in these two aspects of our life, and in this mini-course we will go to practice specific asanas to work on our physical … and mental elasticity.

This is what you are reading, the first of a series of four posts that we will publish in the coming weeks, and which will aim to guide you in the practice of specific positions of yoga, useful to improve and increase flexibility.

And if you’re wondering why I chose the flexibility for this “mini-course”, well … because a more flexible body works better, because even a more flexible mind works better, and because increasing the elasticity of both is one of the goals primaries of yoga … as well as being the key to progress in practice.

The benefits of a more flexible body
Less injuries

When the muscles are flexible, the risk of injuries is greatly reduced … in sport but also in everyday life.
In fact, not only athletes or athletes are subject to muscle injuries, anyone can get hurt if they move incorrectly or stretch a contracted muscle too much.

By improving flexibility, it also improves the range of motion, the body uses less energy to make the same movements and the joints will be more flexible, thus decreasing the likelihood of injuries reported during sporting activities, and during the life of all days.

Better circulation

Muscle elongation promotes blood circulation, the circulation of lymph in the lymphatic system and also that of joint synovial fluid , ie the fluid that keeps our joints or joints lubricated, and that allows us a greater ease in movement, less pain and a reduced risk of joint degeneration.

Less back pain

Improving the flexibility of some specific muscles, such as hamstrings, hip flexors, and quadriceps, can help relax the lower back and consequently reduce stiffness that causes pain.

These that I made you are just some examples, and I could list others … but we will have the opportunity to deepen this topic in the next posts of this mini-course.

We start to improve flexibility … from the breath!

After this premise, in today’s episode I would like to talk to you about the breath, and I would like to do it guiding you in the practice of breathing Ujjayi , or the breath of the victorious.

If you’re new to yoga, before you try this technique, well, know that there are some important things you need to know, so I suggest you start by taking a look at the special page for beginners where you can also download the your first yoga class!

Ujjayi breathing is a Pranayama technique that is indispensable for advancing in practice and improving flexibility; this because through the practice of this breathing we will be able to correctly absorb prana – that is, vital energy – which, according to yoga, is indispensable for our sustenance.

When the prana is absorbed correctly, the body reacts by relaxing and this allows a deep muscle lengthening, with the result that even people who are not very flexible, if they learn to use Ujjayi pranayama during their practice, can greatly improve the muscular lengthening.

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