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Disease Taken Care

Abdominal Disorders Epilepsy Obesity
Acne Fibroids Over Weight
Allergies Flat feet Ovarian Cyst
Anemia Frozen Shoulder Piles
Anger Management Gonorrhea Post Natal Depresison
Anxiety Gout Post Traumatic Stress
Arthtitis Hair Loss Premature Ejaculation
Asthma Heart Ailments Pre-menstrual Syndrome
Back Pain Hepatitis - A,B&C Pre Natal Yoga
Bed-Wetting Hernia Post Natal Yoga
BP-High-Low Hiccup Prostate Disease
Bronchitis Hypertension Psoriasis
Cartilage Damage Hyperthyroidism RSI-Repetitive Strain Inquiry
Cervical Spondylosis Impotence Sciatica
Cholestrol Indigestion Sinus
Chronic Fatigue Syndore Infertility Skin Problems
Cold Common Insomnia Slipped Disc
Constipation Leg Cramps Snoring
Dandruff Leukemai Stress
Depression Menopause Tennis Elbow
Diabetes 1 & 2 Menstrual Disorders Underweight
Double Vision Migrane Varicose Veins
Eating Disorders Mouth Ulcers Hypo Thyroidism
Eczema Nasal Congestion PCOD


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