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Ladies Yoga Classes In Gachibowli

Ladies Yoga Classes In Gachibowli at Nirvaana Yoga at our Gachibowli Center. Yoga is a complex system of spiritual, moral and physical practices aimed at achieving "self-consciousness" or "self-realization," promoting symbiosis
between the three main elements: body, mind and spirit.

Want to know more about these proven benefits of science? Check out the yoga advantages that go beyond flexibility and balance.

It is not only to stay strong and resilient body nor to post a photo on the Instagram that yoga serves. Studies show that the practice also works well for health, decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression and even preventing cardiovascular disease.

We wish you great yoga practices following these advice and care, which are nothing more than relaxed rules of common sense.

Taking care of the mind for a more harmonious life.

Ladies Yoga Classes In Gachibowli

In the practice of YOGA, the term Asana refers to a comfortable and comfortable posture, maintained for a long time; in this course we will learn the main positions proposed by this discipline, integrating them with breathing and simple relaxation exercises, in order to achieve a state of well-being and serenity on a physical, emotional and mental level. Info and reservations: 9494651222.


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