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The Sanskrit word Prana (from the root "an" - "to breathe") can take on multiple meanings, indicates "energy", "vital breath", "force" and "dynamism"; it is often used in the plural to describe vital breaths. Ayama on the other hand means "prolongation", "expansion", "control": the Pranayama is therefore, on a first level, the art of the extension of the breath and of its conscious control, but more profoundly is the ability to control that subtle energy contained not only in the breath, but also in the air, in the water, in the food.


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The Indian sages affirm that this energy, Prana, can be stored in the nervous system and that the adept, thanks to the yoga techniques, can learn to direct it through thought. Therefore Pranayama is a method for harmonizing not only the breath, but also the senses and the mind. Through the practice of Pranayama, the body becomes strong and healthy. With the practice of Pranayama, the apexes of the lungs will receive an adequate supply of oxygen, as it usually does not happen and it will result in an improvement in the quantity and quality of blood in the organism.


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